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JOeve Web system is a WordPress based website system,WordPress is a state-of-the-art, open-source content management system. It is, arguably, the staple website creation tool in the world right now. It’s easy to use, efficient, very well-built, and heavily customizable, with millions of plugins, themes, and tutorials available online. From job boards to blogs, and from digital portfolios to ecommerce stores; all kinds of sites can be (and are) powered by WordPress. Many renowned websites have WordPress running behind the scenes; TechCrunch, The New Yorker, and Sony Music are a few examples.

How to login

Step 1.

You need to type in your domain name for your website on the browser follow by “wp-admin” (example below)

Step 2.

You will see WordPress dashboard after you logged in.

Top Panel:

  • My Sites: your website name, create new blog post link, manage your comment and link to dashboard.
  • Your Website’s Name: visit your site link
  • Comment: manage your comment
  • + New: Post, Media, Page, Template, Pop up
Left Panel:

  • Post: you can create news post or blog post here
  • Media: your pictures, music or video files
  • Pages: create or add webpages here
  • Comments: manage your comments from visitors
  • Profile: set your admin profile here
  • JoEve Builder: settings for JoEve Web Builder

Step 4.

For Joeve Web packages, your website has been preset with our design template. Click on the “Website Name” to launch your website in front end.
Click on the Edit with JoEve Builder tab on top of your website dashboard to launch the JoEve front-end web builder to start editing.
JoEve Builder loading page.
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