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Website is the most fundamental requirement to move your business online. Joeve Website (JW) is about owning a complete website affordably. 

In order to understand Joeve Website, let’s look at a product example;  you purchase a storage rack at RM299, Joeve setup and instal the storage rack for you. You decide what kind of items or product you would like to display at a certain location (Hosting) you have rented (website storage). Similar to JW, location is where your website will be hosted and you need a domain name (location address). 

At RM299, Joeve will setup and instal the website theme (licensed) once you have chosen your own hosting & domain. You will be receiving JW content form via email to complete (company name, logo, overview and contact information).  JW gives you the freedom to host your own website (recommended partner) and edit your content/copywriting anytime. Get started by choosing your JW Demo Now!

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