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Let us show you everything about buttons in the JOeve website builder. This is one of the most important design element in every website and it was must for us to nail it down because you’ll be using it a lot.

Learn all the ins and outs of buttons in JOeve and how to leverage the power of the built-in grid to create side by side buttons at a press of a … well, button :). Enjoy.

Button Element from the JOeve Builder’s panel

Button Editing

Click on the button you wish to edit, the button panel will pop up, you can change the button size, style, border and add icon to the button.

You can change the button to rounded corners

You can change the button style to border outlined.

Then change the text colour to darker colour by selecting “Text” on the colour palette

Add Icon to Button

Click on the “icon” tab on the button editing module to add icon to your button

Change Button Text

Double clicks on the text inside the button that you wish to edit and highlight selection of the text, type in the new text you wish to edit.

Add Hyperlink to Button

Select the link tab on the button panel, add your link url on the url field

Button Hover Colour

If you want your button colour to change during your mouse cursor hover over it, you can set it by follow the step below.

Select the colour palette tab on the button panel, click on the hover button on the left, then change the button colour.

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