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Your website would not be the same without some cool icons. Iconography strengthens the message you are trying to relay to your users or clients. The JOeve website builder comes with 4000 icons in 27 categories both in outline and glyph styles to help you with that.

Learn all about icons in JOeve Builder and how to use the copy/paste style option to move icon styles around your page in seconds. Similar to buttons, the icons in JOeve come with their own grid that lets you create side by side icons by duplicating them.

Icon Element.

Select “Icon” from the + panel on the left

Change Icon

Click on the icon you wish to change

Click on the “star” icon tab and the icon module will pop up, click the icon in the box to change icon

Choose your icon either from FA, Glyph or Outline tab.

Change Icon Background

Click on the Background tab on the icon module, you can add rounded, square solid or outlined background to the icon you selected.  

Change Icon Colour

Change icon colour by select the colour tab, then select icon on the top panel, choose your desired colour.

Repeat the step by selecting Bg to change the icon’s background colour.

You can also add shadow to the icon on the colour palette by selecting the Shadow tab.

Set Alignment

You can set the icon alignment to suit your design by clicking on the Align tab

Duplicate Icon

You can duplicate the icon when you need a similar styled icon in other area in your page.

Dupicate the icons to desired place and delete the old icons by select the Delete tab on the icon module bar.

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